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It would seem that something which means poverty, disorder and chaos every single day should be avoided entirely, but the desire to beget children is a natural urge.


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Below are a few of the many testimonials our Adoptive Families have submitted:

reeses_250 Rachel and I had been dreaming, praying, and hoping to become a family since our marriage.  After several years of inviting a baby into our lives attempting natural pregnancy, we discovered that it was out of the question.

Imagining that there are children in need of adoption, we quickly embraced the idea.  We spent several months considering international adoption from various regions, and met several children who had been adopted by couples in our area.  We contacted lawyers, produced letters of intent, and arranged for our home study.  We noticed that agencies and Internet-based adoption sources were sophisticated marketers and we decided to proceed cautiously.

It was our home study social worker who suggested we remain patient and consider domestic adoption, and she referred us to someone who in turn connected us with A Loving Choice.  Rachel had a good feeling about A Loving Choice from the start, and appreciated the rapport she developed with the staff.  The women took our phone calls and answered our many questions.  We were pleased that they were adoptive mothers, and after careful consideration we decided to place our trust in A Loving Choice.

They did a superb job refining our profile to show prospective birthmoms, and despite a few nervous moments here and there, we turned out to be one of the fortunate couples who were quickly matched.

During the months leading up to the birth of our daughter Alana, the staff of A Loving Choice were skillful in being supportive of us and respectful towards the wonderful birthparents by whom we had been selected.  Taking guidance from A Loving Choice, we established email contact with the birthmom and readied ourselves for the new arrival.  The weeks we spent in the Midwest, meeting Alana on the day of her birth, staying with her at the hospital, and arranging for the legalities to be finalized are forever etched into my memory as some of the most wonderful days of our lives.  We fell in love with Alana the instant we laid eyes on her.

The time spent since has been wonderful, and we are exceedingly grateful to A Loving Choice for the large hand they had in Alana's adoption.  I offer my unqualified recommendation as to their honesty and integrity, good intentions, and regard for the delicacy of the adoption process.

We are blessed with a lovely, loving daughter whose bright eyes and sweet disposition melts our hearts daily.  Of course there are late nights, diapers, messes, tears and colds and a runny nose now and again, but neither Rachel nor I anticipated how much we could love Alana . . . it's great to be a family.

The Reese's

jonasrebecca_200 "A Loving Choice" has the right name.  We as adoptive parents, feel blessed to have been able to adopt through A Loving Choice.  Adoption is a choice made out of love, both by birth parents and by adoptive families, and it is very important to feel comfortable and secure.  To work with someone you can trust, someone who has a prayer in her heart, so that everyone involved can be blessed in the knowledge that they have made the right decision.

As we worked through the process of adopting our beautiful little girl, it was a great comfort to work with Phyllis.  She was always there, round the clock, answering questions, or just listening, going with us through all the uncertainties and ups and downs of adoption.  She truly cares about each individual involved.

We have also adopted our wonderful son.  We feel so blessed by God through the miracle of adoption.  He has given us a family, by the loving choices people have made.  Praise His Name!

Jonas, Rebecca, Andrew, & Amy Troyer


After doing two Russian adoptions, we decided to try a domestic adoption. We had picked up a packet of information about A Loving Choice because we thought it looked interesting. We also checked out quite a few other agencies, but we decided to use ALC. One of the things that helped us to decide to use ALC was their Safety Net Program where you don't need to pay a big fee up front. Also, ALC total fee was cheaper than any of the other agencies we had checked.

After getting a baby through A Loving Choice, I can highly recommend them. I really appreciated working with Phyllis. She is very knowledgeable and takes time to answer your questions. I liked that she always answered the telephone, even if she needed to tell me that she was on the other line and would call me back. She never made me feel like I had too many "dumb" questions. She treated us very well. After having one case fall through, she did what she could to get a fast match. We are quite pleased with our little daughter and we plan to use A Loving Choice again.

Nevin and Raedella 

lindseylacey_200 This is our testimonial for A Loving Choice Adoption Services.  Our appreciation for them is everlasting.  We are still amazed that we have our daughters and are so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with them.
We had talked about adopting another child, so our oldest daughter would have a sibling when we are no longer here.  The attorney that we had used for her adoption called and told us that A Loving Choice was looking for more adoptive families.  Needless to say, we called and asked for the information immediately, since it is rare to have that many birthmothers!  After talking with Gina and looking the information over, we decided to go ahead with it.  Looking back, we probably should have contacted a few of the references instead of going entirely by trust, but after talking to Gina we just felt that they were the ones we wanted to work with.
We would advise keeping your 'master' profile handy, because they called quite frequently needing more to send out to prospective birthmothers.  We got quite familiar with the personnel at Kinko's!  They always got our approval before sending them out, and respected our instinct if we were hesitant about a birth mother, or her situation.
Phyllis called us in about four months with a prospective birthmother.  We felt good about this situation and Phyllis did all the leg work on getting an attorney lined up in the state we were adopting from.  Phyllis called the birthmother and us every week to keep us updated with each other.  Our little daughter had a mind of her own and decided to come six weeks early, which sent all of us in a panic trying to get to the hospital in time.  During the drive there Phyllis would call us on our cell phone and keep us posted as to what was happening.  Phyllis first called us at 2:00 a.m. to tell us that the baby was on the way, so she was up most of the night with us too.  It was wonderful to have her keep us updated since we had a six hour drive.  We got there in time to see our daughter right after her birth.
One of our biggest concerns was support for the birthmother through this whole process and again after the birth.  Phyllis was there during the birth for our birthmother and then contacted her a few times after.  We realize the decision is a huge one for the birthmother and they have to have some doubts afterwards too.  Knowing that there was someone she could call for support after the adoption made our adoption feel more complete.
We are thankful that we found A Loving Choice, and hope many more experience the joy we have had through them.  I don't think anyone will find another adoption service that understands the concerns of BOTH the birthmothers and adoptive families, since they all have adopted children themselves.  We believe they can understand all the joys, heartaches, and frustrations birthmothers and adoptive families go through.
We wish you the best of luck with your future adoption.  Even though it is quite an emotional roller coaster at times, the joy you will feel when you FINALLY get to bring a baby home is worth it all.
Erik & Deb

addison_200 It is most women's dream to find a great husband and eventually start a family. I like most women wanted just that. We were very blessed to have a biological daughter in January of 1992. After her birth we knew we wanted more children. We started trying not long after the birth of our daughter. After 10 years we were still trying, with no success.
We had always talked about adoption, but had never gone forward with that process. After the 10 year wait we decided to go forward. We contacted an attorney, had a home study done, and began to market ourselves. We sent out hundreds of letters to doctors, lawyers and just about everyone in the south east. We had numerous phone calls, but nothing concrete. We had sent one of the letters to Dr. Reese, who had previously adopted through A Loving Choice. Dr. Reese gave us a phone call and told us all about A Loving Choice. I immediately gave Phyllis a call. That got the ball rolling.

After about 6 months we received a call from Phyllis that a birth mother had chosen us. The phone call of all phone calls. That call was in January. Addison Dawn was born on March 24th. Phyllis was great. She called me, the birthmother, and kept me in touch every step of the way. You always hear of someone who has adopted, but the processes and the experiences are like none other. A Loving Choice makes that process easier. The ups and downs are there, make no mistake about it. But Phyllis did a great job helping us on that rollercoaster. Thank you Phyllis..
Kevin and Stacey

elmomaribel_200 We have been married for 11 years, our initial approach was to conduct an international adoption from China.  After waiting for approximately 4 years we changed to a domestic agency.  We were referred by a friend that did an adoption with A Loving Choice.  After dealing with an international adoption agency for 4 years we had a general idea of the paperwork required, the main difference is a more direct and personal communication with A Loving Choice.  In a large agency you are treated as another record on file, emails are answered with delays and it is nearly impossible to contact them for any question.  With A Loving Choice we received excellent service and important information that has helped us even after the baby's placement.  We recommend A Loving Choice without any reservations, you will receive assistance on a personal level.
We were able to adopt a 5 month baby boy after waiting only about six weeks.  It is nearly impossible to describe what a positive change we have experienced in our lives.  All of a sudden priorities change, daily schedule and long term goals; it has been the most challenging and rewarding process that we have done in our lives.  We are very blessed in accomplishing our adoption and A Loving Choice helped us throughout the entire process.
Thank you very much Phyllis,
Elmo & Maribel



Our experience with adopting our baby with the help of A Loving Choice was a wonderful and memorable experience. Phyllis was there for us every step of the way. She held our hand and made us feel comfortable. Phyllis offered limitless support, compassion, and guidance.  Throughout our adoption process we always felt sincerity, honesty and warmth from Phyllis . . for us and our birthmother.  Phyllis will always have a special place in our hearts.  She has helped make our dream come true. We have a beautiful baby girl in our family now and are proud every moment of the day. Our family is complete and we are grateful and blessed. We would highly recommend A Loving Choice with great pleasure to any prospective adoptive family.

Thank you Phyllis.

Carrie and Evan

jase_200 Finding Jase

629 days ~ that is how long our adoption journey took us this time! We found A Loving Choice on the internet and when we called to get more information about their programs we were fortunate enough to speak with Phyllis and immediately felt at home with her! She gave us the information we needed and a few days after our initial conversation she called us to see if we have any other questions. We were so surprised because no other adoption professional had taken the time to do that. We were sold on the idea of teaming with A Loving Choice and began preparing our family portfolio for distribution.
Our adoption journey was a tough one and we had a couple of heartaches along the way. There were times when we felt emotionally exhausted, but Phyllis and Becky were always there helping us get back on the road to finding our next child. They were great about calling us with new situations when they came along, and sometimes they just called to say "keep your head up, we're gonna make this work!"
Finally, in September Becky called us with information about a five month old baby boy and we all held our breath and waited! A couple of weeks later we got the call that the baby would be placed with us. We were in shock that it was finally happening and our heads were spinning with excitement! Jase Nathaniel came home September 27, 2005, and our family officially grew by two feet!
In the end it was well worth the wait because he is perfect, and was perfect for our family. We will never be able to say thank you enough to the ladies at A Loving Choice for helping us grow our family by one more. Without their support and help Jase might not be with us and life just wouldn't be as fun! If you are looking for people who care about you and your adoption journey, then look no further, because you have found them at A Loving Choice!!
Amy, Daniel, Ryanne, and Jase Smith

When my husband and I first found out we were pregnant, we were thrilled.  We were on our way; all we wanted was a healthy baby.  On his due date, our first son was born.  Three years later, we had our second son.  Life was good.  Soon after, I miscarried.  I could not be bitter; God had given me two beautiful, healthy babies.  As time passed my husband and I kept meeting people who had adopted children.  We decided this was a perfect solution for us.  We always wanted three children.

When I first spoke to Phyllis, I knew I was in good hands.  She was kind, patient and very professional.  She made the whole adoption process painless.  Within a short time, we were placed with our four year old daughter.  She has been with us for a year now.  Phyllis was such a help the whole way through.  I have recommended her to friends and they are all happy and have all been placed with beautiful babies.  If you are looking to go down this adoption path, you will be very happy working with Phyllis.

R & T


My name is Evelyn and I live in Puerto Rico with my husband Pedro Jose and our two lovely adopted daughters, Ana G. and Ana V.  Puerto Rico is a beautiful island in the Caribbean.  It is a U.S. territory and is just a few hours away from the States (for example, it is 2 hrs. from Florida, 3 hrs. from New York, and 6 1/2 hrs. from Texas).

Our adoption journey began in 1998 after 10 years of marriage and no success in conceiving biologically.  We started the process with the local government and 2 1/2 years later our first little treasure was born.  We immediately started another process, but this time it was taking far too long.  After waiting almost 5 years, we decided to look for new options to complete our family.  My husband was even more disappointed than me with each trial and error we had.  Believe me we tried everything!  At this point I was almost alone on my journey because my husband was completely without faith.  Until one night . . . I felt so tired, sad, and completely without any enthusiasm to continue the hope of completing our family.  I was searching through the Internet and found the unique Website of 'A Loving Choice', and decided to email them some questions.  Their response was fast and we started completing the paperwork and preparing our family profile.  Nine months later our second little treasure was born and placed with us.

Our daughters are our pride and joy, and every single day the only thing I regret, is that we did not start pursuing adoption earlier than we did.

My marriage and being a Mom are the best things to ever happen to me.

Good luck on your journey!


P.S.  Evelyn now runs her own 'Happy Endings' adoption business in Puerto Rico.  She has partnered with 'A Loving Choice' and personally handles all of our Puerto Rico and Spanish speaking needs. 

madeline_200We wanted to write to those of you who are considering adoption. Adopting another family's child is a huge and emotional step. It takes deep courage for both the birth family and the adoptive family to meet, learn, know and share a child. We are blessed to have adopted two children. We have a three year old AA/Cherokee boy (an open adoption) and our newest blessing, a now 3 month old AA/Indian blend baby girl. They are the joys of our lives. We have also fostered or medically hosted sixteen children ranging in age from zero to seventeen. We still pinch ourselves knowing that we now have two beautiful children! We adopted our daughter through A Loving Choice Adoption in August 2006. It happened very quickly (within three weeks). For us, when God wants a child to be a member of your family nothing will impede this process (so sit back and enjoy this ride).

We spoke with Phyllis several times and met with our daughter's birthmother within four days. Phyllis skillfully spoke with us and the birthmother and supported us through this process. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome or better guidance. We have been blessed to have an open adoption. We wanted our daughter to know her birthmother, not know of her. We feel like we have a new extended family.

We wanted to share the spiritual/ethical document that we created for our families. Once the paper is signed the birth family has no legal rights. We wanted to make sure that our birthmother/family knew of our intent, not legally withstanding. While this may not work for all families, we hope that it may provide a guideline for others. We put the minimum intents:

This spiritual/ethical document is written on behalf of Madeline. Madeline was born to many people who love and care for her. It is our intention that Madeline mature and develop a knowledge and experience of her birth heritage. We, Adam and Sarah, desire for Madeline to maintain healthy ties with “R”, her birthmother, her son “A”, and grandmother “Rh”, as determined by “R”. Healthy ties are defined as mutually beneficial for everyone (adoptive parents, birth family and Madeline).

It is our intention that we (Adam and Sarah) will send photographs, letters, and important milestones by US mail (and/or including email) to “R” at an address determined by “R”. We would like to provide this for “R” at a pace that is both reasonable and healthy for her healing. At the signing of this, we will send her this information every 4-6 weeks. If this pace is too much, we will slow down. “R” will just need to let us know by phone or mail.

We also will be willing to allow visits between “R” and Madeline every six months provided that the relationship remains healthy. We realize that this process can be very overwhelming and if it is too much we can slow it down. We (Adam, Sarah and “R”) will communicate by telephone or mail on how and when to proceed.

If we (Adam, Sarah and “R”) have an issue which cannot be resolved by phone or by mail, we agree to sit down face-to-face to discuss it and try to find a solution. If we cannot reach a reasonable conclusion, we agree to bring in a third party (preferably a pastor or neutral person) to resolve the issue in the best interest of Madeline. We agree to do this prayerfully.

We also request that should anything happen to Adam or Sarah, that the guardians/custodians of our children (currently Conner and Madeline) would also abide by these requests.

What a joy to have so many people who love this precious child of God.

Sarah and Adam ______________________

T and W (guardians in the event of our death) ____________________

“R” _______________________________

Since the birth of our daughter, she has seen her birthmother and sibling several times. There really isn't a politically correct open adoption language, so we are creating it as we go. We check in with each other to make sure we are both doing okay and we continue to have open communication. We know that our daughters best interest is served by having so many people who cherish her. She comes from a long line of determined, intelligent, beautiful women and we rejoice that she will know her heritage.

Please consider using "A Loving Choice Adoption". Phyllis is competent, able, loving and most of all, she prayerfully considers the people who cross her path.

Adam & Sarah

jillal_200 We heard about A Loving Choice through an acquaintance at our church. She was contracted with them and had been called about an adoption situation. She wasn't in a position to take a child, but thought it might work for us. Hesitantly, I called the Loving Choice number and asked for information. We were extremely nervous about doing a private adoption and I wasn't ready to commit to anything. Our daughter, Madellyn, had been adopted through an agency and this avenue seemed scary.

The process was explained thoroughly to me and they offered to send me more information. The next morning I received an email from Phyllis. She had a specific adoption situation that she thought might work for our family. She needed to know if we would be interested as soon as possible. We made some inquiries about A Loving Choice and then I called Phyllis and we spoke for a long time about ALCAS' role in a private adoption, fees and the process. Phyllis was so genuine and seemed to truly understand our concerns and reservations. She, too, was an adoptive parent and was able to relate to our current situation. After speaking with her we decided to put a profile in for the birthmother she had talked to us about. Things happened very quickly and before we knew it, Phyllis was calling us to give us the GOOD NEWS! The birthmother had chosen our family.

The next two months went by in a blur. Phyllis was in contact with us regularly, updating us on what was happening with the birthmother and the baby. She walked us through the process of finding an attorney out of state, corresponding with the birthmother and the anxiety we were feeling. As the due date came closer, Deanna called us to give us some information about the hospital we would be going to. Her child had been born there and she had extremely helpful information on places to stay, plus what to expect from the hospital personnel, to the location of the nursery. All that information came in handy when the day finally arrived. Phyllis was in constant contact with us as we went to the hospital and after the birth.

Thank you, Phyllis, and everyone at A Loving Choice for helping us grow our family. Our baby girl, Rebekah, is a blessing to all of us. Her big sister thinks she hangs the moon. Her mom and dad think she is a precious gift from God.

Jill, Al, Madellyn and Rebekah

zachary_200 This is long overdue, but as you can imagine, our lives have been a little busy lately!!!

No words can express the appreciation we have for your help in finding Zachary. He has definitely made our lives complete.

Thank you for always being there for us, and for "holding our hands" throughout this process.

With all the bad things we've been through, we can't help but wonder if it wasn't God's plan to help us find you. Gina, Thank you for being a true professional and helping us through, what was at first a very awkward situation.

Phyllis, we miss talking with you every week!! You were so very patient with us and we appreciate it. We were so scared and I sometimes still wonder if we believe that it truly happened, even though Zach is right here in front of us. You will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

Our experience was wonderful and was far more than we ever expected.

God Bless you All!
Shane, Pam & Zachary Royer

Dear Phyllis,garrettaverycameron_200

How are you doing? I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to write to you, but we've been so busy since we've gotten home with our new little girl, Avery Lauryn. She is doing great and she's a sweetheart! Avery had her one month checkup yesterday and she is now 8 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches long. She's perfectly healthy and sleeping really well at night...thank goodness! Garrett and Cameron are really enjoying having a baby sister and are great helpers--except when it comes to changing diapers.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help through the adoption process - I don't know what I would have done without you, Phyllis! Everything went very smoothly in Michigan and we really enjoyed meeting our birthmother and her family at the hospital. We've been keeping in touch with them since we've gotten home.

Again, thank you for everything!

Cheryl, Curt, Garrett, Cameron and Avery

I believe that the universe brings us together when we let it do its work.anthonysanta_200

Working with A Loving Choice has clearly been one of the most rewarding experiences of our life. I cannot speak highly enough of our entire experience with A Loving Choice . . . before, during, and after our adoption. If I had to pick one thing to talk about, it would be the level of trust and honesty that A Loving Choice displayed.

When there were possible opportunities for discussions with birth mothers, the staff at ALC discussed the ups and downs of each situation with us. From ALC, we received more than we were promised. We received verbal support and compassion during a most difficult time. We received support in how to prepare our biography, how to talk to our birth mother, what we might expect to hear, what we might expect to feel, whom to contact about certain topics.

Gina Brown is and always will be one of my heroes, a woman that I hold in very high esteem. She started a business that operates from the heart. I will be forever grateful to her and A Loving Choice Adoption Service.

Karen Cortis

PS. Even now, there are times when our eyes well up with tears. These are tears of joy from the blessing we have with our son. Call me and I'll tell you more!