Placing Already Born Children For Adoption

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Can you place already born children for adoption? Yes, you can place any child under the age of 18 for adoption.

We have placed many already born children with adoptive parents. Of course the issues surrounding this are different and are mostly dependent on the age of the child.

We have had many birth mothers that considered placing the baby before birth, only to change their mind and decide to parent. Then, a month or even 6 months later they realize that they really aren't able to parent to the extent they feel the baby should be getting, and decide to place the baby again.

Of course moving a child to a new home and new parents is disruptive even for a very young baby, but the younger they are, the easier it will be for them. A child's long term memory kicks in around the age of three. So everyone agrees that placing a child before the age of three is of course the best scenario. However, little in life plays out to the best scenario, and we have also seen great results in placing older children too. It all depends on the child and the people involved to make it a smooth and healthy transition.

We assess each situation and create a unique transition plan to fit the needs of the children and mothers. The older the child is, the more time that is needed for a smooth transition. The adoptive family must be introduced and integrated into the child's life slowly with help of the biological mother, if that is possible.

But also understand that the legal side of placing an already born child for adoption can happen very quickly. Legally it is just a matter of getting an attorney to draw up the papers and execute the adoption. So you need to be very sure of your decision before starting the legal work.

Grief is a normal part of placing any child for adoption, but the older the child is the more time you have had to bond with the child and the more grief you will experience when that child is gone. The only thing that helps is time, it will get easier with every day that passes. And the best part of adoption these days is that the whole world is much more open to the open relationships. So make an agreement with the adoptive family that suits all of you . . . so that you will always know that your child is loved and thriving in their new home. We will help you get grief counseling in your area if that is what you choose.