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Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, better tools will be found as you go along.


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A Loving choice is an adoption marketing service. We work with families that are wanting to adopt a child and birth families that are wanting to place their child or children for adoption. Most of the money that we bring in we place right back out into advertising. Most of this advertising is placed in yellow page directories (all across the country and Puerto Rico), and on the Internet. This advertising is what brings adoptive families and birth families to us.

We cater to our birth families and allow them to select the family they want to raise their child.

We work through the adoption process with our families from beginning to end. We help you locate and acquire the required professionals (attorneys, social workers, counselors) to assure that your adoption is very solid and legal for the states involved.

Our Basic Policies for families wanting to adopt

Our only requirement for adoptive families is that you have an approved Home Study.

To work with us, we also ask that you provide us with 10-15 family profiles. A family profile is a Dear Birthmother letter and pictures of yourselves, your children, your home, your animals . . . whatever you want to show. This profile is what we present to our birthmothers and this is what they select a family from. Yes, it is sad that there is a marketing side to adoption, but your profile is just that. It is very important that you have a very nicely done profile that clearly shows who you are and how you live.

It is our policy that we give the birth parents all of the choices. They choose the family, the type of relationship (if any) they want to have with the adoptive family (both before and after delivery). They will also decide how things will happen at the hospital during and after delivery. Of course, you and your birthmother need to be in total agreement about all aspects of your adoption plan. And while the birth parents need to make most of the big decisions, you as the adoptive family can easily reject any situation that you are not comfortable with. We do encourage open relationships because we feel this is extremely healthy for all involved, but again, the degree of openness is something all parties of the adoption must agree on. Most placements that we see under up with an agreement of pictures and update being sent to the birthmother 2 or 3 times a year. These updates can either go through our office, or through the attorneys office.

We limit the number of adoptive families we will work with at a time. We do this in an effort to place all families within a two year time frame.

Occasionally, we get birthmothers that do not want to choose a family themselves. They ask us to take care of everything. When this happens, we offer the situation to the family that has been contracted and waiting the longest.

We will automatically present family profiles that fit the birth parents criteria without notifying you, the adoptive family, that your profile has gone out, providing that there are issues surrounding the situation. Our policy is to wait until a birthmother is within 3 months of her due date before presenting families to her, but if she insists, we will present families to her earlier.

If there are issues with a situation, then we will contact you first, to seek approval before sending your profile out to the birth family. Issues are: a known medical condition, if we are suspicious of drug or alcohol use, if a birth family is asking for living or medical expenses, or if she is very early in her pregnancy.

Single parents wanting to adopt

We do accept single parents that want to adopt, and we have been quite successful with these placements. Of course, it is still the birthmothers choice. We have had birthmothers that have told us that they have been single parents for quite some time and they feel that a single parent probably doesn't get selected as readily as a man and wife couple, so they want to give them more opportunities, and do end up selecting a single parent. Our only concern is that you realize that your adoption path is probably narrower than the presentation opportunities for a married couple, and may take longer to accomplish.

Gender Preference

We do allow adoptive families to specify a gender preference, but again, we certainly want you to realize that a gender preference greatly narrows your presentation opportunities. Many birthmothers select a family before they know if they are carrying a boy or a girl, and some choose to never find out. And of course, there are the occasional mistakes. Just last month we had a birthmother that had been told she was carrying a baby boy, but she delivered a baby girl.

Our Programs

We have three different programs that you can choose from. All three of our programs automatically include presentation on our Website, if you choose to be presented online.

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