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Locating an Adoption Attorney is a very important piece of your adoption path. Adoption is an area that requires a very knowledgeable and experienced attorney. We have had families that call in saying that their nephew or a friend from church is an attorney and has agreed to do their adoption for them. This scares me to death. All the horror stories you have ever heard about adoptions gone wrong, where a birth family member challenges an adoption, sometimes even years after a placement, I would blame on the attorneys. In adoption you must have every i dotted and every t crossed, so that no one can ever come back on you and challenge your adoption. It is the attorneys' job to tell you that legally every thing looks good with your situation, or that maybe you should pass on this particular situation because of the risk involved.

We work very closely with adoption attorneys that belong to the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. Just to be accepted into this Academy they must have already completed a large number of adoptions. So you know that you are getting a very experienced and knowledgeable adoption attorney.

To locate an American Academy Adoption Attorney go to their Website at