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Creating A Family Profile

Your family profile is perhaps the most important piece of your adoption plan. Your profile is what we present to our birthmothers, and this is what they choose a family from. You must have a very well done profile. It is sad that there is a marketing side to adoption, but that is exactly what your profile does. Marketing yourselves well to a birth family might make the difference between waiting two months compared to waiting two years to be selected. Birth parents have told us that concise, well thought-out, organized, and lovely profiles convey to them the sincerity and deep desire of a couple that wishes to adopt.

Above all, when a birthmother finishes reviewing your profile, she needs to have a good feel for who you are and how you live. Talk from your heart, tell how you came to adoption. Even your trials with infertility treatments can often invoke empathy from a birthmother.


  1. Address your profile letter, "Dear Birthmother:"
  2. Don't date your profile.
  3. Don't include your last name
  4. Talk about why you wish to adopt and what it means to you.
  5. Describe your desires to be parents in many different ways.
  6. Talk openly about your feelings, your home, neighborhood, and pets. This will make it come alive for birthmother.
  7. Talk briefly about your educational background and your wishes for this child's education. One major issue that is often important to the birth family is your views on education.
  8. Talk briefly about your hobbies, interests, and celebrations. You may each do this separately or talk about one another.
  9. Describe your families, extended families, friends, and their support of your decision to adopt.
  10. If you have been married or together for a long time, mention that fact. Stability is very important to the birthmother/birthparents.

Your choice on paper and font (print) type is also very important. Type or have the profile printed with a font (print) that is easy to read. Cursive writing, unless done by computer, is harder to read. Attractive colored or decorative paper, which is heavier than regular typing paper, should be used so that the pages will not crumple easily. By using heavier paper, you can print on both the front and back of a page creating a less bulky book-like profile. Report covers can be purchased at a Walmart or office supply store. These are usually clear plastic front and back covers with mechanisms to hold your pages firmly in place. Many birthmothers/birthparents treasure these profiles and save them over a lifetime, as they are the only tangible reminder of the adoptive couple to whom she/they choose as parents for her/their child.

Another suggestion might be to have your picture on the front cover with your first names under it. This can be very helpful for a birthmother that is viewing as many as 10 profiles. This way she can easily reach for your profile again when making her final decision.

Your profile can easily be combined with several photo pages. When choosing photos don't choose just formal poses. Our findings are that one or two formal poses would be appropriate. Along with those pictures we ask that you choose several more photos of casual and/or active shots (ex. husband gardening; dog running through house; children playing with husband and/or wife--whether they are your children or not; working on hobbies; attending family gatherings; or attending amusement parks/sporting events/beach/vacations, etc.). You may also want to include a picture of your home. You can disseminate quite a bit of personal information by simply put a sentence or two under a few of your pictures (ex. This is Grandma and Grampa who live just down the road from us). Any personal touch or creativity helps.

Include our toll-free number in the closing paragraph of your sentence. An example: "If you are interested in speaking with us, please contact A Loving Choice Adoption Services at 1-800-321-2070 and speak with our Adoption Coordinator..." We do not recommend putting your personal phone number on your profile, as a protection to you. While we do not discourage you from sharing that with a particular birthmother/birthparent, it will not be something that you would feel like doing for everyone who sees your profile. Lastly, at the bottom of your profile, you should list your first names and sign each profile personally.

An Adoption Coordinator with A Loving Choice Adoption Services would be happy to review your profile before you finalize it. Sample letters can also be sent or faxed as a model for your letter. Create your letter in the roughest form--don't critique yourselves. What you may think is sappy or too drawn out may truly be something that should remain in the letter. Let the office assist you with your editing.

A well thought-out profile with photo pages could be between 6 - 10 pages. A photocopy establishment (i.e. Quick Copy, Kinko's, etc.) can produce colored copies of your profile. There is no need to have duplicate pictures created for your profile; the colored copies will appear like the picture. We ask that you create between 10 -12 family profiles with photos. Retain the original and one completed profile for yourselves. The balance should be sent, along with your contractual information, to A Loving Choice Adoption Services.

If creating a family profile yourself sounds too daunting, A Loving Choice will be happy to design and create one for you. Please go here to to see our fees, and here to view some Sample Family Profiles.