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'For This Child We Prayed'


Compiled by Thomas and Rhoda Bontrager from Northern Indiana

For This Child We Prayed, shares the experiences of those who traveled from the disappointment of childlessness to the joy of parenthood by adoption. They accepted adoption, not as a second-best solution, but as God's plan for forming their family. The stories show God working out details of seemingly impossible situations. Adoption is pictured as a venture of faith ~ faith in God who designs families and forms them by different means.

For This Child We Prayed was written to bless adoptive families, to provide useful resources for those considering adoption, and to help readers better understand what adoption is about.

For This Child We Prayed can be ordered from Christian Light Publications

'God Gives Me A Family'

godgavemyafamily_200Another wonderful book by Rhoda Bontrager

This is an unusual, beautifully illustrated book for preschool and primary children on the blessings of being an adopted child. It emphasizes the values of parental love, Christian family living, and adoption into God's family.

God Gives Me A Family can be ordered from Christian Light Publications

'Child of Promise'

childofpromise_200By Debbi Migit

Ten years of infertility brought me and my husband, Phil, to a crisis of faith.

CHILD OF PROMISE is the true account of our journey from barrenness to the blessing of trans racial adoption.  Every chapter carries a miracle that speaks not only to couples facing the heartbreak of infertility, but to anyone who has ever cried out, “When, Lord?”

As we realized that trans racial adoption was God’s plan for our family, we contacted an agency that promised us a baby within the year.  Just months before that baby was to be born, God spoke to my heart and said, “Not this way.”  Canceling that adoption was the hardest decision we ever made; it was also the wisest. CHILD OF PROMISE tells the story of how God miraculously brought not one, not two, but three children into our family.  It is filled with evidence of God’s desire to speak, clearly and specifically, to those who have ears to hear.  CHILD OF PROMISE is also a story of faith that will stir the reader to consider their own ‘promises’ and believe again.

'Journey of Hope'

journeyofhope_200Compiled by John Hochstetler

Hope, that inward feeling that beats a strong tempo against our furiously pounding heart.  We hope . . . to  have our dreams fall apart.  We dare hope again . . . to have our dreams realized.  Our hope carries us onward.

What of the left behind child's hope, especially the hope of an older child?  They have hoped, and hoped, and hoped again, only to be left behind once again.  Maybe their friend has been chosen . . . chosen to go to America, France or some other faraway place where things have to be better than existing in an orphanage.  Their lives and hearts are crushed because hope has once again walked out the door.

The title of this book conjures up the image of parents traveling the path.  Yet it makes our Journey of Hope seem almost inconsequential in comparison the those of the children.

Come, read the stories written by families who have traveled the way of adoption and fostering.  Experience with them the culture of other countries, the feelings and emotions that vary from anxiety attacks to that blissful, joyous moment of looking into the eyes of 'our baby', to the final conclusion of praising God from the deepest part of their thankful heart . .

'Loved by Choice:  True Stories That Celebrate Adoption'

lovedbychoice_200by Susan Horner & Kelly Fordyce Martindale

Whether it's the joy-filled decision to welcome a child into your home or the difficult decision to place your child in another's arms . . adoption is making the choice to love unselfishly and unconditionally.

Loved by Choice offers a clear and uplifting look at adoption through true stories told from virtually every perspective.  Birth parents, adoptive parents, grandparents, adopted children, and families enhanced by special needs, interracial, and foreign adoption are among those who share their joys and difficulties.  The collection is a tender celebration of adoption, led by those who understand it the best.