A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down hill. 


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Looking to Adopt?

If you are considering adoption, we want you to know . . .

The adoption process is a journey down an unknown path. This path is filled with emotion, anticipation, sometimes devastating disappointment, and seemingly endless waiting. Even adoption requires labor pain to grow your family.

But just as with physical labor, the memory of your pain will quickly fade when you hold your new son or daughter in your arms.

A Loving Choice Adoption Services exists to help make your journey down the adoption path quicker, easier, and reasonably priced.

Our staff consists of caring, knowledgeable adoptive mothers, willing to share our adoption experiences and knowledge to help make you adoption path a journey to remember.

We believe that if someone listens or stretches out a hand, or whispers a kind word of encouragement, or attempts to understand, . . . extraordinary things begin to happen.

We prove this everyday with our birthmothers and adoptive families. We are here to serve.