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Adoption Choices: Options For Birthmothers, Birth Families, and Adopting Families

A Loving Choice Adoption Services is an adoption marketing service.  What this means is that most of the money we bring in is put right back out into advertising.  We advertise our services all across the United States, mostly in the Yellow Pages, but also in newspapers, crisis pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, hospitals, and many other specialty areas.  Birth mothers and fathers that want to place their babies or children through adoption, and families that are hoping to adopt, find us through this advertising.    

It is our policy that expecting mothers/fathers make all of the decisions, though we will guide through birthmother choices. They choose the adoptive family they want to parent their child.  They decide what type of relationships they want to have (if any) with the adoptive family, both before and after the birth of the baby.  They also decide how things will happen at the hospital.  We encourage open adoptions, but all birth mother options begin initially with her choice.  We work very closely with our expecting mothers, and develop friendships that last long past the adoption process.

Families hoping to adopt are required to have n approved Home Study before utilizing our services.  We will also need a family profile to present to our expecting mothers.  Once a family is matched with a birth mother, other adoption professionals (social workers and attorneys) will perform the legal processes required by the states involved to finalize the adoption.

A Loving Choice has been in business since 1997, so we are well established in Yellow Page Directories across the country and as we continue to grow, we continue to expand our advertising coverage . . . now currently expanding to also encompass the social networking Internet sites. Our advertising already reaches millions of people, and it only takes one birthmother to change your life forever.

A Loving Choice is not a licensed child placement organization; we are an adoption marketing service.  We advertise our services on behalf of our birth families who want to find the perfect adoptive family for their child, and on behalf of our prospective adoptive families.  We help in each aspect of the process, including birth mother assistance and choices for single mother pregnancy, and every detail that goes into giving up a child for adoption. We can and do also serve as the marketing arm for licensed child placement organizations and adoption attorneys who lack the time, resources, or knowledge for the advertising and marketing processes.

Unlike larger adoption agencies that may have hundreds of waiting families, we choose to limit the number of families we work with, in the hope of matching and placing all families within a two year time frame.  This gives our staff of experienced adoption experts more time to provide birth mother assistance according to the needs of each birth family and waiting adoptive family.

Like most families that choose to adopt a child, we are shocked by what the adoption process can cost.  For this reason, we function as a Ministry in a sincere effort to keep the cost of adoption within the reach of everyone.  We offer unique adoption programs in an effort to accommodate every family budget.  Money should never be the deciding factor in your decision to have a family. 

If you are a birth mother considering placing your baby or child, or if you are a family who is considering adopting a child, just call. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whatever path you choose, always follow your heart.


Meet the Director


Hello everyone, and thank you for taking a look at our services. I am Phyllis. In my former career, I worked as a large mainframe computer engineer until we adopted our second daughter in 2000. At that point, I decided to stay home with my girls, and work from home. We had used the services of A Loving Choice to adopt our Amy Marie and I began working from home for A Loving Choice. In November of 2004, my husband and I purchased A Loving Choice from a retiring Gina Brown. As the owner and Director, I am very pleased to continue A Loving Choice with the same integrity and compassion that has been it's cornerstone since it was founded in 1997.

My husband John and I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters through adoption. Our oldest daughter Amanda Rose was born in 1996 and came home from the hospital with us when she was a day and a half old. The adoption of Amanda was picture perfect. Her birthmother was a 19 year old college student at the time, and she was very determined to finish her schooling and not burden her family. She never wavered throughout the adoption process. She went on to finish college, married, and they now have a young son. We maintain a totally open relationship with her and her family. We actually seem to talk more with her mother and grandmother than we do with her now. They said from the beginning that they did not wish to intrude, and such that they are, they could never be an intrusion. They are a wonderful family.

Our second daughter Amy Marie was born in 2000. Her adoption was far from perfect. We were there for her birth, but only got to see her for about 10 minutes before we were asked to leave the hospital. The birthfather did not want to place Amy for adoption. The birthmother was very determined that she was going to place her. She continued calling us asking us to find a way to get the adoption to happen, because she could not care for her. Amy went back and forth between our home and the birth family's home several times before the birthfather finally agreed to place her permanently with us. We were out on that proverbial limb, but we stayed with it. We rationalized that it was better for Amy to be in a good home, even if for only just a short while, till they sorted out their problems. At seven months old, Amy became ours forever. Yes, we still maintain a totally open relationship with this family too.

My husband John, myself, and our daughters live on 45 acres along a small river. We love our country home in the timber with our animals. I am very blessed that I can do this adoption work (well most of it) from my home. I totally enjoy talking, working with, and assisting people from all walks of life.

Give me a call anytime, I will be happy to discuss your adoption plan with you.


Meet Karolyn:

Hello, I am Karolyn.  Kevin and I have four of our nine children still living at home and four married with children.  When we married I adopted Kevin's birth children, Eric and Amanda.  Two of my children, Doug and Kasey, opted to keep their birth fathers name and Kristi chose to be adopted by Kevin.  We started adoption proceedings three years into our marriage and to date have adoptedJudah Benjamin, Isaac Paul, Janna Mae, and Josiah Aaron.  The first three were very simple, routine legal proceedings.  Josiah's situation was a bit complex and we were in Missouri for five weeks.  Everyone is well and thriving.  It is exciting to be blessed with all our children; it is also exciting to watch them grow into young people with their own personalities, ideas and gifts.  We are blessed!

Karolyn Zickafoose


Meet Evelyn:



My name is Evelyn and I live in Puerto Rico with my husband Pedro Jose and our two lovely adopted daughters, Ana G. and Ana V.  Puerto Rico is a beautiful island in the Caribbean.  It is a U.S. territory and is just a few hours away from the States (for example, it is 2 hrs. from Florida, 3 hrs. from New York, and 6 1/2 hrs. from Texas).

Our adoption journey began in 1998 after 10 years of marriage and no success in conceiving biologically.  We started the process with the local government and 2 1/2 years later our first little treasure was born.  We immediately started another process, but this time it was taking too long.  After waiting almost 5 years, we decided to look for new options to complete our family.  My husband was even more disappointed than me with each trial and error we had.  Believe me we tried everything!  At this point I was almost alone on my journey because my husband was completely without faith.  Until one night . . . I felt so tired, sad, and completely without any enthusiasm to continue the hope of completing our family.  I was searching through the Internet and found the unique Website of 'A Loving Choice', and decided to email them some questions.  Their response was fast and we started completing the paperwork and preparing our family profile.  Nine months later our second little treasure was born and placed with us.

Our daughters are our pride and joy, and every single day the only thing I regret, is that we did not start pursuing adoption earlier than we did.

My marriage and being a Mom are the best things to ever happen to me.

Good luck on your journey!


P.S.  Evelyn now runs her own 'Happy Endings' adoption business in Puerto Rico.  She has partnered with 'A Loving Choice' and personally handles all of our Puerto Rico and Spanish speaking needs.