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Unplanned Pregnancy Options

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Abortion Alternatives: The Journey of Birth Mother Adoption 

Since our startup in 1997, A Loving Choice has been honored to assist all participants with adoption choices as an alternative to abortion.  Our adoption service has been created based on a deeply felt passion for all members of the adoption triad: birth mothers and birth fathers, adoptive parents, and the children who will all face a wide range of emotions surrounding the adoption process.  Whether you are a birthmother curious about your choices, or an adopting family looking into your options, it is our hope that our faith, experience, and understanding of these emotions will comfort and encourage you throughout your adoption journey, 

Every adoption triad is as different as the people within it.  Our goal is to address the specific needs of all participants in a compassionate and professional manner.  We will help structure your adoption process according to your wishes.  We offer birth mother assistance, choices for single mother pregnancy, low income abortion alternatives, birth mother adoption rights, unborn child abortion alternatives, and more.  If you’re thinking about giving up a child for adoption, or are looking into adopting a child into your family, we’d like the opportunity to discuss your situation and to see how we might help you.  We pride ourselves on our personal service and 24 hour availability.  Our dedication and passion for the process and you truly comes from the heart.

Phyllis Quast ~ Director


A Loving Choice Adoption Services 

"Excellence" in Adoption Services


We can help you with low income birth mother choices, single mother abortion alternatives, single mother adoption choices, unplanned pregnancy choices/options, and more.  Contact us today to find out what your choices are and how we can help you with abortion alternatives.  


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